Book ‘Love and Honor’ Now Available!

book-cover Judy’s new book ‘Love and Honor’ tells the story of her father, Rev. Julius Cheeks. It is now available online from the Amazon and iTunes bookstores.

Official description:

There is a hidden treasure of American culture that has gone unrecognized for decades. It is the cradle of modern day music, producing some of the world’s greatest talent and inadvertently aiding the success of such greats as Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, James Brown and Michael Jackson.

The Golden Age of Gospel Music, in its era, circa mid 50s to mid-’60s was the backbone of change. The hidden tower of strength that buoyed its followers out of the hands of a Jim Crow system of hate into a euphoria of spirit. It was more than music, it was a movement of faith unshaken by the reality of circumstance.

Rev. Julius Cheeks was just one of its unsung heroes. This is his life’s journey which can only be told by his daughter, Judy Cheeks.

Judy Cheeks Interview with Justin Kantor

In this exclusive interview for the website ‘Soul Tracks’ Judy discusses growing up around famous gospel greats, her new biography of her father, her first hits and more.

I was born in Miami to an extended family of gospel greats. At a young age, my mom used to bundle me up, and we’d follow my dad to shows all around America. He was lead singer of The Sensational Nightingales. As I grew up, it became a part of my life to have people like Sam Cooke or the Dixie Hummingbirds around. They were trailblazers. They sacrificed a lot of their lives and paved the way for a lot of young entertainers who enjoy luxuries that people of my father’s age could only dream of.

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Judy Cheeks Is Back

Since her hit Mellow Lovin’ in the late 70s, Judy Cheeks has kept her brand of inspirational, uplifting messages stirring in the hearts of her fans all over the world. Her Dance hits of the 90s such as, REACH, RESPECT, AS LONG AS YOU’RE GOOD TO ME and JOY TO MY WORLD have never stopped resonating in the clubs and on dance floors worldwide.

Various re-releases and remixes of her classic hits have broadened her fan base to a younger generation of Dance Music enthusiast and kept her fans of old wanting more.

The daughter of Gospel legend, Rev. Julius Cheeks and Goddaughter of the incomparable Sam Cooke, has gone back to her Gospel roots with her latest CD, True Love Is Free.

“I love the energy of Dance Music! The feel of it is very much like the Gospel Music I grew up around” she says.

“The thumping bass lines and gospel piano licks inspired many of my lyrics and vocal performances, but a song is nothing without a message. Gospel is all about power and the message.”

True Love Is Free ,is the perfect marriage of Gospel and Dance Music. Strong inspirational messages packed with energy and power.

The first single HAPPY, delivers everything one would expect from a Judy Cheeks performance. The re mixes by Jared Gosselin and Mikey Gallagher add fire to the flames.

The second Dance release, ‘WITHOUT LOVE WE’RE LOST’, is a masterpiece enhanced by the remixes of Mikey Gallagher and Paul Goodyear.

Judy Cheeks is indeed back for good!

‘True Love Is Free’ Now Available

JudyAlbumCover2Judy’s new album ‘True Love Is Free’ is now available through CD Baby and iTunes!

Also, a recent review from explains:

True Love Is Free, “Happy” is both celebration and apocalyptic warning, a chance to stomp on the devil’s head while throwing some impressive shapes.

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Press Release: Judy Cheeks Returns With New Single ‘Happy’

JudySingle Hirez Cover600x600International Dance Music Superstar Judy Cheeks returns From Semi-Retirement with Modern Gospel Legacy Project “True Love Is Free”. First Single is the Soul Shoutin’ testimony “Happy”

Los Angeles June 1, 2013 — Singer/Songwriter Judy Cheeks, one of the most versatile performers in music worldwide, returns from semi-retirement after well over a decade with her first contemporary gospel single, ‘Happy’.

Though best known for dance music hits in the `70s, `80s and `90s such as “Mellow Lovin’,” “Don’t Wanna Love Again” and “Reach,” Cheeks is finally fully embracing her legacies as the daughter of the legendary gospel singer Reverend Julius Cheeks and the goddaughter of the incomparable Sam Cooke.
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