News | December 1, 2013

Book ‘Love and Honor’ Now Available!

book-cover Judy’s new book ‘Love and Honor’ tells the story of her father, Rev. Julius Cheeks. It is now available online from the Amazon and iTunes bookstores.

Official description:

There is a hidden treasure of American culture that has gone unrecognized for decades. It is the cradle of modern day music, producing some of the world’s greatest talent and inadvertently aiding the success of such greats as Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, James Brown and Michael Jackson.

The Golden Age of Gospel Music, in its era, circa mid 50s to mid-’60s was the backbone of change. The hidden tower of strength that buoyed its followers out of the hands of a Jim Crow system of hate into a euphoria of spirit. It was more than music, it was a movement of faith unshaken by the reality of circumstance.

Rev. Julius Cheeks was just one of its unsung heroes. This is his life’s journey which can only be told by his daughter, Judy Cheeks.